Friday, April 29, 2011

I just have to share this with everyone because I'm so excited about it. So who doesn't need a little help spicing up their marriage. You could have the perfect marriage and be blissfully happy but a marriage like that takes work and we all know that it's important to keep dating, especially when kids and work can get in the way of being together. I just found the most fantastic website to help keep romance fun and spark the fire again in your marriage.
This is it..... It's written by a team of extremely creative ladies and I can't wait to try some of their ideas out on Josh. I hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

family pics

This post has been in the works for the last two months, in fact, I forgot that I started it until I looked at my drafts a week or two ago. Jenny came up a week after Jules was born to visit and while she was here she was so awesome and took pictures of my family. Unfortunately my boys were little pills that night so they didn't turn out the way I had hoped. We'll have to get some spring ones taken, Jules is SO MUCH bigger now than she was here, but in the meantime these are the ones that we have. THANKS JEN!!! Sorry my kids are such a pain to take pictures of but I really appreciate you!!
This one is so not my favorite but it's the best one of the bunch. AHH, my children!!!
Don't let that cute face fool ya!!1
I love this picture!!!! It's one of my faves!!

I LOVE this picture!! I gave Josh his superman shirt for one of the first Christmases that we were together and last Christmas when he was at Old Navy shopping for me he came upon this little pink superman shirt for Jules and he HAD to buy it. He is such a sweet daddy!!
I really love this picture!!! Three generations together!!! Thanks again Mom for all of your help!!!
I'll post some of the pictures of Jules on the next post but I did want to post this collage. Jen, you did a great job!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Recap of the first of the year

Wow!! It's amazing how fast time flies!! And I haven't posted anything for a long time. So I'll just do a little post of what's happened over the last few months. I've found that I'm not taking enough pictures!! So hopefully there will be many more posts to come with lots more pictures.

Julianne is a tummy baby!!! She actually enjoys being on her tummy but I don't give her near enough tummy time. Thank goodness she started out with a really strong neck or we might have some problems. She has actually grow so much since this picture!! It's amazing how much a new born can change over a matter of weeks!!

I turned thirty-one in January and Josh totally spoiled me. Unfortunately Isaac didn't share the same attitude about my birthday.Aren't these gorgeous!! I have the best husband!! Along with these he got me a Yankee candle and a gift certificate to get a manicure. I've never had one before and I haven't found the right time to use it but I'm looking forward to it.

Like I said, Isaac decided to celebrate my birthday in his own special way. I think I was feeding Jules at the time he was doing this and he was so quiet I didn't even realize that he was on the counter until long after he had done this. The little stinker. Spice cake anyone?

Emma is continuing to be a fantastic big sister and a huge help to me. I'm so grateful she's my first!!

The city put on a father/daughter princess ball and I couldn't pass up the opportunity for my little girl to spend time with her daddy. Josh didn't take the camera but here are the pics we took before they left. Isn't she beautiful!! Just so you know, she was the one who choose the color of her eye shadow, not me.

The rest of these are random pictures that I thought were cute and showed the characters of my children so I had to include them in the post otherwise they would get forgotten. Isaac likes to draw. Unfortunately it's on the walls as well as paper that he puts his masterpieces.
To remedy the drawing problem we bought an easel so the kids have some way to display their artistic talent and this is what Emma did with it. She has always been such a good little artist but she's really getting good with details now. She's also getting really good at writing and reading!! My little baby's growing up!!I can't remember which kid put this little caterpillar toy next to Jules but I thought it was so cute and sweet, I had to take a picture. Yup, Isaac is still Isaac. And this totally proves it. It's a darn good thing he's so cute!!