Sunday, October 19, 2014

Children's Museum of Houston

A week ago we discovered the children's museum here in Houston.  It was crazy busy but the kids had so much fun!  Mom, however, was stressing about loosing a child the whole time.  Josh was away at a scouting camp out that day so I had to keep track of all my little monsters by myself.
       We have never lived close to a children's museum before so it will be fun to go back lots. 

Every Saturday in the month of October there is "Trick or Treating"  at different stations in the museum which is another reason it was so packed. 
Why is it so hard to get kids to look at the camera?
They had some great Halloween decorations!!  These skeletons were moving as they played the organ and sang. 

This was one of the kids' favorite centers.  As the music blared the colored square moved around the floor and the kids ran around chasing it trying to stomp on it.  What's not to love about that, right?

It took awhile but we finally found the water area.  This is always my favorite part and it didn't disappoint.  The kids had a lot of fun, even if they did get soaked.

Only a few minutes after we got out there it started to rain.  Almost every one dragged their kids inside to avoid getting wet.  Maybe I'm a bad mom but my kids didn't mind getting wet so I let them stay outside and play.  It was nice that they got to actually play in each area by themselves without other kids all over. 

Some centers had things that workers would teach the kids how to make.  Emma went to one where they made "monster blood."  As they were doing it the lady explained about the different elements of our blood and what each one does.  It was a good learning experience for Emma. 

The boys found this section where they could shove a plastic ball in a tube that would shoot it up to a series of ramps and wire tracks on the ceiling.  They would have spent the whole time here if I let them.  

This museum has a section where the kids can go "work" jobs like Emma is at the the grocery store and then collect a "pay check."  They have play debit cards that after they work they can actually go to the bank and get "money" and go around to the cafe or the vet or any of the other centers there and spend it.  I wish it wasn't quite as crazy as it was that day.  We could have had a lot more fun in this area. 

This set of "steps" goes from the top of the museum to the bottom.  The kids had a blast crawling up it.  I on the other hand was stressing about finding the opening where it let them out and getting there before I lost them. 

 In spite of the stress it really was great time spent as a family and one that will definitely be repeated just not on a day as insane as this one was.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Family day

Saturday, when we were thinking of something to do as a family Josh suggested we go bowling.  We found an amazing family fun center on Saturday!!  We've never had so many fun things to do so close to us before!  It is awesome!

What a great daddy to teach Emma how to bowl, and take time to help the others as well. 

Bowling is only one of the things they have to do there.  They have a buffet for lunch, bumper cars and other rides, a ton of games and a big toy for the younger ones to play on.  We could easily spend the next few Saturdays playing at there and not get bored.  And that is just one of the many places around here like that.  I guess living in a big city has some good sides too!