Thursday, June 25, 2009


So I lied!! I guess I really wasn't back seeing as it has been a month since I have posted anything. Sorry this is another long post. I finally got my house completely spring cleaned and I feel more on top of things than I have for awhile so its finally time for another post. I have been working on this post for the last four days because my computer has been retarded but I think it'll work now. We have been able to do some really fun things as a family and I can't believe how much the kids have grown in the last month. Emma finished preschool and is enjoying playing with the little girls that I babysit. I found a bike for her at a yard sale a few months ago and she is having so much fun learning to ride. She has really been into doing her own hair lately and is dying to get her hands on some makeup. Jaxson now has a motor mouth and it has been so fun to see him learn to talk. I was playing around with him on the floor the other day and he launched himself on me and said "I EAT YOU!!! He is such a funny kid. I love this stage where they can talk and tell you what they want but they are to young to talk back. Well at least not as much. Sunday was a monumental day because it was the first day that Jaxson was actually quiet during sacrament meeting!! I actually got to listen to the talks!! It was amazing. Isaac is growing so fast!!! He will sit up now but he really likes to roll all over the place. He also is at the wonderful stage where he puts anything he can get his hands on into his mouth. He is finally used to a bottle and it has been good for both of us especially since he just cut two teeth. He is such a happy baby and I am so grateful that he's a part of our family. Here are some photos of the fun things we've done over the past few week. Sorry there are so many. Jaxson got to go on his very first father and son camp out. Josh took a few more pictures than this but this one turned out the best. They had fun and I think Jax felt special to be able to spend time alone with Josh.

Jaxson loves his little brother. A lot of times he ends up mostly laying on top of him but Isaac doesn't mind. He just grabs Jaxson's face and laughs at him. I sure hope they will be good friends.

SWIMMING LESSONS: The kids have had swimming lessons for the last few months and we just had our last class. Emma is getting so good and can hold her breath under water now. I have been doing a parent child class with Jax and it has taken some time to get him used to the water. He hates the feel of it in his ears. Our last few classes he finally got up the courage to jump in by himself. He is doing so good, and is feeling more comfortable in the water. I just hope that we can get to the pool enough this summer so they don't loose everything they've learned.

DISCOVERY SCIENCE CENTER: We spent some fun family time at the children's museum a few weeks ago. The kids had a lot of fun playing there and it is a good place to learn. Afterwards we went for a picnic at the park. I hope my kids grow up remembering the fun things we did as a family instead of what a mess their mother always was.

Jaxson, experiencing a red world.
Jax loves to pull things so when he found this dog it was love at first sight. He pulled this thing all over the museum.
There was a bin full of lentil beans where the kids could "dig" for dinosaur bones. Lentils aren't even close to sand but the kids still had fun playing in them.
What a great dad!!
This was Isaac's first time in the swing. He loved it.

SINGING IN THE RAIN: There was a really big rain storm so the kids and I went puddle jumping. Needless to say they had a blast.
SATURDAY AT THE PARK: Last Saturday what started as a simple picnic at the park ended up to be a really fun time for the kids. The Hope Center here was having a "Day at the Park" donation drive. The kids played on a big blow up slide, got their faces painted and got free popcorn. Emma even got to ride her bike for a little while. They had a lot of fun, plus it was free, even better.
The slide was too high for Jaxson to climb up himself so the little girl you see at the top of the slide pushed him up so he could go down by himself.
Jaxson with his popcorn and lemonade.
I had to put these next pictures in because I think they are so funny. Jaxson often falls asleep in front of the door and this night he had poked his hand out and fallen asleep with it there. I snapped the photo and then Josh found that you could see his face under the door. Priceless.