Monday, November 7, 2011

Julianne's Blessing

As I went back through my posts I realized that I missed posting a very important event in our family.  Julianne's blessing.  We were so blessed to be able to travel home during spring break and share this special time with family.  Unfortunately a lot of the pictures that were taken got lost.  Thank goodness for my sister Stephani who got the best shots out of all the pictures that were left.  She doesn't know that I copied them from her blog but here they are.  
                                                   Jules and her sweet Aunt Stephani.

  Jules and Grandma Bean.  I'm  so glad that Steph got this one of Jules alone.  It's the only one I have. 
 We were also lucky to have Josh's parents and his brother Dan and his wife Ashley be there for the blessing.  I hope this little girl knows how much she is loves!

 Julianne got to spend some special time with Grandma Hill while we were there.  I love these pictures!!  I think they're so sweet.  It was also sweet that my parents took the time to sit down with my kids and play a game.  It was the first time Isaac played Candy Land and he loved it.  How lucky my children are to have such wonderful grandparents.  They are great example to my kids and are an important part of their lives.

 Just so you know. Yes, Isaac is still a crazy kid!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted.  We ended up going to Idaho Falls for an internship last summer, a trial in some ways but a huge blessing in others, and then when we got back we jumped into school and the craziness of life and then I hurt my back and ended up in the ER and have been down flat for the last week and off and on for a few weeks before that.   So needless to say life has been a little too chaotic to blog.  Thank goodness for my sweet mom!!  It's not often that a mom gets to have someone to take care of her.  Even when we get sick or hurt we have to muddle through.  But last week my mom came a took such good care of me and now I'm on my way back to normal.  Thanks mom for your example and love!!  I sure appreciate you.  For my own records I'm going to start posting again but I have to start with what happened at the beginning of the summer to get back on track.  It will take some time because so much has happened but hopefully it will give you a sense of what has happened and what we have learned.  So if you are interested, watch for more posts over the next week, but be patient with me because it's going to take some time.