Friday, June 29, 2012

Hill Family Pictures 2012

Thanks to my good friend Jovane for taking our family photos!!  These are two of her cute boys with Emma!  If any of you are in Moscow you must go see the U of I Arboretum where these pictures were taken.  It is gorgeous!

Friday, June 22, 2012

 My sweet Jaxson turned five in April.  I can't believe he's five already.  It was his first year that he got to have friends over for a party and I think he really enjoyed it.  Thankfully my friend stayed to help, since Josh was at school and couldn't be there,  It would have been really hard with so many kids if she wasn't there.     He wanted a dinosaur theme for the party so as kids came they sat down to make "fossils" of toy dinosaurs out of salt dough.  It was a little messy but the kids really liked it.                                               

 Can't have a party without musical chairs. I'm not sure the younger ones ever caught on how to play to play the game but they still had fun.

 I had a lot of fun making Jaxson's cake this year.  Normally I want to throw the darn thing across the room but it actually turned out pretty good. The pictures don't look as good as the really thing though.

Thanks to my friend Jovanae who took the pictures for me because my camera was broken and for being there to help.  And thanks to Jen and her family for coming and making it even more special for Jaxson.  We love you all!