Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's that time of year and soccer has started. It's amazing the change in Emma from last season to this one. Last year she would rotate in and then say she was tired and wanted to come out after only being on the field for a minute. This year she gets right in there and plays the whole time. She is really enjoying it and it is really pleasant to spend the evening on the field, assuming the weather is nice.
The boys really enjoy going to watch her. They were a little out of control when we took these pictures but now they sit on the side lines and cheer for Emma. Even Isaac does and it's so cute!!
Is it just my kids or does every kid go through a stage where they can't smile normally for a picture and they wind up looking funny? At least he's cute!!

Labor Day Weekend

Labor day weekend was a really relaxing time that we spent just hanging out as a family. We didn't do much but we did go black berry picking and let me tell you that was a new adventure in itself. It was a perfect day to go so we packed some food for lunch, got in the car and drove about a half hour to a town called Julietta where black berry bushes grow wild along the side of the road and you can pick as many as you want. What we didn't know was that these bushes have massive thorns so to actually get the berries you have to go through some pain, well, a lot of pain. Next time we'll bring gloves. The pain was worth it though because the blackberries were FANTASTIC!!! We picked enough to freeze thirteen cups, make a pie and have a little left over. I was so grateful that my kids were so good. We didn't want them to get hurt so they spent the time playing on the trail that ran next to the bushes while Josh and I picked. It went surprisingly well and will be a tradition that we'll keep doing for as long as we live here. After we were finished we at lunch at this little park that was right next to the trail. And of course no day would be complete with out chasing after Isaac.
When we got back Daddy made blackberry shakes. So Good!!

I love that doing little things like this bring us closer together just as much as doing big expensive things. I have the best family ever!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Baby Girl is Growing Up!!!

I can't believe that Emma is in kindergarten already!!! She has grown up so fast!!! I'll admit, it was a little sad to see her drive off on the bus the first time but it's also so fun to see her having fun experiencing new things. For the longest time I felt like I had no idea what was going on. I didn't know how to get her ready to ride the bus, we were extremely late the night we were supposed to go meet her teacher because I couldn't find my stinking keys, I didn't know if I should take her to school the first day or just let her ride the bus. AHH!! It was a little stressful and I'm sure it was mostly caused by the lack of brain cells I've had since I got pregnant. It all worked out so well though. The day before school started Emma and Josh were able to ride the bus around the loop that it would go to get her used to it and then after listening to advice from my wonderful sister I decide to take her on her first day. I was the only one out of the whole class to take her and get pictures with her that morning and I'm so glad that I did. She is so smart and is going to do so well. Now we just have to get Jaxson started in preschool. I was so glad that Josh was able to share such a fun experience with her. He is such a great dad!!
Going on the trial run the day before school.
I surprised her with this outfit for her first day. I think she looks so cute in it!! I'm not biased though am I.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh What Do You Do in the Summer Time??

So for some reason format of this post is turning out dumb so if it looks bad it's not my fault. I have tried to fix it four or five times and by now it's just not worth the aggravation!!
I can't believe school has started already!! This summer has gone by so fast!!! I'm not complaining though, it's nice to have cooler weather. We had a lot of fun this summer so here's a not so brief picture overview of our life since the wedding in June. We had a family reunion somewhere in the midst of all the chaos that I didn't blog here but I'll get it up soon.



Ever since the amazing girl's night that Aunt Hayley put on while we were down for the wedding Emma has been wanting to do one with her friends. We finally did it a few weeks ago and they had so much fun. Between getting their hair and makeup done and getting all dressed up to the door signs they decorated and all the junk food that was there I think they all had a pretty good time.

They also had a ton of fun dancing to barbie music.

Emma is so lucky to have so many wonderful friends here!!

We had a yard sale. Yuck, It is so much work to put one on!! Emma did make eight bucks selling doughnuts and juice though!!

Emma lost her first tooth!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Bean gave us a bunk bed!!! What a blessing this was!!! The kids love it and they actually have a little room to move around in now!! THANKS SO MUCH Mom and Dad.

We got into big sister's makeup!! Isn't that LOVELY!!

WE PLAYED WITH DADDY!! I realize more and more every day how very blessed I am that Josh is my kid's dad!! He is such an amazing person and I'm grateful that they have him to learn from. Josh had summer classes but wasn't able to find a job until mid-summer which meant that he had extra time with us and the kids had so much fun having him home.

WE HAD FUN WITH FRIENDS. Our friends the Shurtliffs moved away last March and we were so sad to see them go. They went camping not too far away from our home this summer though and it was so fun to be able to be with them again. We spent a really great day with them and were sad to have to say goodbye again.

The campground that they started at had a bunch of chickens and ducks randomly running around so we decided to go feed them. Both Emma and Jaxson were afraid of them but at least Jaxson tried to be around them. Emma locked herself in the car and refused to come out. Isaac however couldn't get enough of them. He had so much fun chasing those birds around and traumatizing them.

Yes, it looks like I'm going to strangle Jaxson here but I'm really just trying to get him to calm down and look at the camera.

After that we found a park in town and had a picnic lunch. The kids loved playing on this train. Especially Isaac. I can't believe he didn't fall off and get hurt with the way he was climbing all over it!!

In the process of looking for a place to hike we found an amazing place for them to camp. It was perfect. Close to the river so the kids could throw rocks in and very secluded, the way camping should be. It was so fun but really hard because Isaac was running around everywhere!! At his age he doesn't understand how dangerous things are and he's so independent so he wants to be able to go wherever. It was a little stressful keeping him safe. I do think we'll try to go there next summer when he's a little older.

I love this picture of Jaxson picking a wedgie!! It cracks me up!!

PLAYTIME!! It is so nice when your children reach an age where they can actually communicate together and have fun playing. I love watching them and I'm so glad they can have so much fun together.

Yes it's a pink cowboy hat!!! I guess you do the best you can with what you've got.

Dance parties are a norm at our house. Excuse Jaxson's lack of clothing please.


And of course what is a hot summer day without POPSICLES!!


And did some snuggling too.

I think Emma asked Daddy for a massage first and when one kid gets something they all want it. Luckily they have a fantastic daddy that was more than willing to do it.

This picture is really random but it makes me laugh. Emma got a pair of skates from her cousin Alex and any time Jaxson sees them he has to put them on. He's obsessed and with Isaac liking them as well they cause quite a few problems. Needless to say, we don't bring them out very often.


MY FLOWERS WERE AMAZING THIS YEAR!! Thanks to mom!! When she was up in June she fertilized and got them all ready. I really love you mom!!



Isaac actually started this; I don't know why but he thought it was hilarious to pour water over his chest so he'd walk over to the pool, get a big cup full and them come and stand right in front of me to dump it down his front. The other kids caught on and had fun with it do.

Random Pics

I came in to check on Jaxson one day and found him like this. Yep, he's asleep. I don't how kids fall asleep where they do!! Doesn't that look so uncomfortable.

AHH, the classic horsey ride. Good Josh!! I don't know how they haven't broken his back yet!!