Sunday, November 30, 2014

Isaac turns six!!!

This never got posted either because Josh took some pictures of his birthday too, like his cake, but I haven't figure out a way to get them from our online drop box account to here yet.  I need the tech savy person in our family and I keep forgetting to ask him.  So I'll post this now and try to get more photos for it later.  I can't believe how fast my kids are growing!!  It really makes me sad.   Every since he started kindergarten Isaac has discovered how fun drawing can be, especially when it's your favorite super hero.

I just love this kid!!  His exuberance and love for life is contagious.  Our life would not be the same without him!! 

A day at the farm

This never got posted and I didn't want to forget it so I'm doing it now.  Some good friends of ours took us to a little family farm not far out of town to pick pumpkins a week before Halloween.  They don't have them in a field for you to go out and pick your own (they don't do that down here??) but they did have a nice big field with a hay pile and a tire swing for the kids to play on. And they had trees with an orange like fruit called Satsumas, that we all had fun picking.   It was such a nice way to spend a family day.  It may seem silly but outings like this to the country kind of fill my need to have something familiar this time of year.  It helps me not miss Idaho so much. 

Isaac's teacher sends Clifford home with each student for a weekend during the school year.  He was so happy to have his turn so close to his birthday. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Grandma Hill sent stickers for the kids to use on their pumpkins in her Halloween package. Thanks Grandma Hill.  And thanks Grandma Bean for your package as well.  We sure love you all!!

The kids had a lot of fun at our ward party, but holy chaos!!  Our ward is to big for our small gym so we were all packed in tight but at least I didn't have to make dinner!!!

This years trick or treating was awesome!!  It reminded me of trick or treating in my neighbor hood as a kid.  The kids were out in droves and, because it is so warm here some  people were sitting in their drive ways, handing out candy.  It was a new experience not having to bundle up to go trick or treating.  I really liked it!!

We decided, since Halloween was on a Friday, that we would have a Halloween party with some friends after trick or treating.  The kids had a lot of fun playing this game of "mummy racing"  The teams would wrap each other in crepe paper and then have to run to the finish line. 

My baby is getting so big!! Emma decided she was old enough to carve a pumpkin this year instead of decorating one.  With a lot of help from her daddy she was able to get a cat cut out from this pumpkin.


For PE the kids have been doing square dancing! I remember square dancing in fifth grade! It was so fun to see each of the kids do their dance.