Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Goings On Around the Hill House

Sometimes I find that I have a bunch of pictures that don't really go with anything that result in a post like this. They are pictures that I think are fun but are so random. And here they are for you to enjoy. Grandma and Emma took turns painting each others toenails. Don't ask me who came up for the position on this one.I love this photo!! Just looking at it makes me happy.
We had to get some new containers for some of the boys Christmas gifts and this is what Emma came up with on how to use them. Silly girl.
One day it got really quite I saw that most of the kids had disappeared. You know what that can translate into with kids. When I went looking for them this is what I found. Jaxson got this camera for Christmas and there are silly little games on it that Josh was playing while the kids watched. Do men ever grow up? :)
Emma makes me laugh. Her friend let her borrow these earmuffs and she liked them so much she had to wear them to bed.


The kids love to hold Julianne!! Jaxson is especially fun to watch because he is so gentle with her and handles her in almost a reverent way.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Bath

Emma was so excited to be able to help with Julianne's first bath. It was so cute to watch her. Jules is so lucky to have such a wonderful big sister.
Her umbilical cord has since fallen off and you wouldn't think that in just two weeks she has gotten bigger but she has. She did pretty good with the whole bath thing until the end when she got tired of it all. Hence the binky in her mouth. I'll tell you, whoever invented the binky was inspired, because I could not have a baby without one!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coming Home

I'm back!! Although it seems like I was never gone because my sweet husband stepped in to take my place because he wanted you all to be able to see Julianne as well. She is two weeks old now and though we have had some challenging moments (what baby doesn't give us some of those?) we are happy and doing well. Here are a few pictures of when we came home from the hospital. I'll post more pictures throughout the week, including Christmas.
I realize more and more how blessed I am to have this man in my life. He takes such good care of me and is a fantastic father.
Dressed to come home. I don't know about you but for us it seems like it takes them FOREVER to discharge us from the hospital. This was our shortest wait by far but it was still waiting.
I had to take a picture of these beautiful flowers that Josh and my mom brought to me while I was in the hospital. The roses were so fragrant that I could smell them halfway across the room. Aren't they beautiful!!
When we got home Isaac was so excited for the baby he almost jumped on top of her, more than once. He also wanted to "love" her by poking her in the head and face. He has since learned how to be soft and he really loves his little sister.
My mom was so wonderful. She came up for Christmas with my dad and little brother and she stayed until a week after Jules was born. It was about three weeks and I know my crazy kids wore her out but we really appreciate her taking care of us. Thanks Mom!!
Mom also made this awesome blanket!! It is so soft and is perfect to wrap Jules in for her naps. Isn't it pretty!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

More of Jules

It's easy to see Jules is already loved by her brothers and sister.

Spelled wrong, but adorable

So her name is Julianne, but they did take a good picture.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Julianne Hill was born 8:59 AM today weighing 8 lbs 1oz, 21 1/4 in. and extremely cute. Pictures will be coming shortly. Alisha and Jules are doing great.