Sunday, November 8, 2009

Emma's Birthday Party!!

After waiting for two weeks, the morning of Emma's birthday party finally arrived. I am the queen of procrastination and that morning I hit an all time high. My house wasn't clean (I had to grab piles of junk off my table and counters and shove them in my room so no one would see them!! As a result my room was trashed for the next two weeks!! Sorry Josh!!) I hadn't made all of the food. I hadn't even decorated her cake!!! Luckily it was an easy one to decorate so I while everyone came in I finished it up. In spite of my being so unprepared I think it turned out well and everyone had fun. Here are some photos of the events of the day.

We had the table set up with masks for everyone to decorate as they got there but I didn't have time to take pictures of them decorating them because of everything else I had to get done.

When they were finished with their masks they went into the living to play freeze dance. It was so fun to watch their moves to Michael Jackson's, Thriller.

This is Emma's friend Eliza. She had the best moves out of all the kids there.
Josh drew a picture of a witch and I printed off a bunch of witch hats to play pin the hat on the witch. Emma was the first and she wasn't very happy with where her hat ended up.

These next few pictures are of every one eating lunch. Isn't Buzz Lightyear cute!! We had little pizzas that looked like mummies and bone bread sticks and hot dogs wrapped up like mummies. It was actually really good.

Eliza and Joey

Hyrum, Emma, Kennedy and Eliza

Grace, Jacqueline, and Joshua : Her friends Miriam and Sam were also there but aren't in these pictures. Emma and her cake. It didn't turn out the best but it was still yummy!!

Emma got a lot of fun gifts from her friends. I always forget that this house has horrible lighting so most of the pictures didn't turn out very good. I like this picture though. It captures her excitement pretty well.

We are so lucky to live in a place where we have such wonderful friends. I'm also so glad that Josh and also Jacqueline's mom Jenny Lynn were there to help. It was SO MUCH easier because of them!!! Thanks guys!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Birthday and a Visit Home

OK, this post is over a month late but I guess it's better late than never. My baby turned five on the first of October!! Where has the time gone? This year her birthday was a little crazy. Here's why.

My whole family gets together the first weekend in October to go duck hunting. I wasn't going to go but my sweet husband convinced me and so I decided on the spur of the moment to go. Josh couldn't go because of school so we celebrated her birthday a few days early so he could be there. She also wanted a Halloween birthday party this year but her birthday is so far away from Halloween we decided to wait a few weeks to have the party when it was closer to it. I'll post pictures of her party in the next post. I hope she felt special because she got to celebrate her birthday three different times this year!! I'm so grateful that Emma is a part of my life!! Though sometimes she makes life challenging she is a sweetheart!! A strong willed little girl but a sweetheart as well. I don't think that I could handle having my boys as close as they are without her help. I really enjoy spending time with her and I hope that she knows how much I love her. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father made her a part of our family.

I took her to McDonalds for a special birthday lunch. She and Jaxson had a lot of fun playing on the big toy.
I didn't make a big cake before we left because she would get one for her party and I knew Josh wouldn't eat it while we were gone so she got cupcakes.
I had another picture of her opening her presents but I accidentally deleted it and it's too complicated to try and get another picture on in the right place so this one will have to do. She was really excited about the My Little Ponies and the Barbie swimming pool that she got.

Our Trip Home: We were really lucky that the weekend we were down Josh's brother and his family were there as well. We hadn't seen Jess and Adam for a long time so it was special to be able to spend sometime with them.
It was so fun to watch this soccer game with all the kids playing along with the adults. It was hilarious!! Even Mom and Dad Hill joined the game. My camera died somewhere during the game so I didn't get any pictures but we sure appreciated the time and effort they put into to spending time with us. We really are lucky to have them in our lives.
My kids really enjoyed playing on the swings and the slide. Isaac is borrowing Jaxson's hat in this picture, that's why it's so big. Grandma Bean worked so hard to make hats for all of the grandchildren and they turned out great. Thanks mom, for loving us so much!!
Brinley and Jaxson are not quite a month apart so it was so fun for them play together.I love these two pictures because they show what a wonderful grandma my kids have. Thanks Dianne for taking time with and loving my kids!!
I don't know why I don't have any pictures of my time with my family but I'm so glad that I went down. I had a great time with my brothers and sisters and it was worth the nine hour drive it took to get there. Life really is all about family and I'm so grateful to be a part of two incredible families.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Emma and Soccer

YIKES!!! It has been way too long since I last posted!!!! And now I have a million things to post and I feel overwhelmed. I'll do it a little at a time I guess so watch for outdated posts over the next few days. I'll start way back at the end of September when Emma started soccer. We weren't sure if she was going to get on a team, but she did at the last moment. This was the first time Emma had ever played soccer so she really didn't know what she was doing. She started out running around everywhere but in the center of the action. She didn't want to be so improper as to steal the ball away from the other team. But by the end of the season she had improved so much!! She now knows what it is to play soccer and I'm proud of her for getting out there and improving so much. It was alot of fun watching her, but I have to say that I'm glad it's over!!!