Sunday, June 27, 2010


When we found out we were pregnant with Isaac it was a big surprise and very unexpected. But as he has grown I see more and more why the Lord sent him to our family at this time and I will be eternally grateful for Heavenly Father's foresight in doing this. He is by far my busiest kid but he brings so much joy and I couldn't even imagine a world without him. He is always so happy and he loves to give kisses to everyone and everything. This morning when he woke me up before six (a norm in our house these days *sigh*) he took out two blocks and got ready to pound them together, something he likes to do now. It is SO LOUD and I knew it would wake everyone up so I told him no and to put them down softly on the side table. The sweet boy kissed one of the blocks and set them both quietly down. That's not to say that he was quiet for the rest of the morning but it's little things like that, that make him so sweet. Here are a few photos of the crazy little monster.
Isaac and Jaxson are finally loving to play with each other and it's so fun to watch them.
If you can't see it, he tried to put one of my hair ties in his hair.
Grandma made this cute hat for him and he loves it. He put it on all by himself in this picture.
Not even two and he already has the classic man face down!!


Yes, this is another post that should have been published a long time ago but hey, better late than never right? We had a fun Easter. Isaac and Jaxson are finally big enough to enjoy Easter egg hunts and dying eggs. What made it even funner this year was that our kids that I babysat were able to join us for some of the celebration. We started out the afternoon with an easter egg hunt that Jaxson and Isaac did surprisingly well on.
Then we dyed eggs. Yes it was a little crazy helping six kids and the pink got spilled about half way through but the memories we made was more than worth the effort
This Sam, the oldest of the girls I babysat. She was such a big helper!! And Gracie is in the photo below. Aren't they cute girls.
The kids got their Easter baskets on Saturday morning and they had another two easter egg hunts to go to that day but of course I didn't have my camera but they had so much fun. I'm grateful for Easter because it gives us another chance to remember the birth and resurrection of Christ without all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. How blessed we are to know our Savior and feel of His love!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We redecorated months ago but of course I am a slacker and never posted about it so I am now. It was a lot of fun and I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.

Spring Break

So yes, this stuff should have been posted months ago but I want to do it now for my own records. Where we are in school and don't have a huge income we haven't been able to do many family vacations but for spring break we splurged. We got a really good rate for a hotel up in Spokane so we decided to go spend a few days there. There were a lot of fun things to do and it was so nice to be able to spend time together. Some of my greatest memories growing up were on family vacations and I hope to be able to make memories like that with my kids even if it's just a short trip to a city that's close. Here are a few highlights of our trip.

EATING OUT: This is the only photo of it that I have but can I just say that it is bliss not to have to decide what to make for dinner!! Taking my kids out to a restaurant is another story.
Cat Tales Zoo: There is a zoo in Spokane that only has big cats like lions and tigers, leopards and jaguars and a few bears. It was sad to see them in such small cages but it was neat to see the different species of predatory cats.
This was the most random thing to see behind a fence at the back of the zoo but it made me laugh.
One of the zoo keepers took us on a "tour" of the park. It was kind of lame but he did tell us some interesting things about the animals.

The zoo had a fun little play area that we stopped at just before we left. The kids liked it almost as much as they liked seeing the animals.

The Children's Museum: If you ever go to Spokane this is a fun and cheap way to spend the day. We spent hours here and the kids had a blast. Of course Emma went straight for the play stage and dress ups they had there. And Jaxson went right for the trains. Big surprise!!
What is it about dirt and water that kids like so much? At least it wasn't too messy.
We were the only ones at the museum the whole last hour it was open so we didn't have to worry about bothering other people, which made it even more fun. Josh spent some time building this big old pyramid with Emma. She sure loves her dad!!

Riverfront Park/ The Carousel: Riverfront park is one of the funnest places to go in Spokane. We went there for the fourth last year with Mom and Dad and the Bahnmillers and though the rides weren't open yet the carousel was and the kids loved it.
I know this picture is random but I love it. Jaxson is sitting so nicely waiting for me and Isaac to finish. He is such a sweetheart!!

Feeding the Ducks: When we were finished riding the carousel we went out to feed the ducks. Psychotic. There were so many birds!! Jaxson wouldn't even get out of the stroller because he was afraid of them but he had fun throwing bread to them.

You may remember this slide from my post back in July but the kids had so much fun I had to post it again.

Aside from the crappy sleeping that comes from shoving a family of five in one room we had such a fun time. There really is nothing better than spending time as a family!!