Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had a really fun Thanksgiving week.  Although it didn't compare to being with family we had some great friends to be with and did some really fun things.  We took another trip to the children's museum.  Of course it was packed and crazy being a holiday week but the kids sure had fun.
For some reason the only pictures I got were of Jules.  She had made a little parachute here and was making it fly in the wind tunnel.  She loved it!

We got to go on a tour of the Bluebell Ice cream factory.  So fun!  And they give you a good serving of ice cream at the end.  We didn't have this brand in Idaho so it was new for us and oh so yummy!!  This is what the kids did while waiting for the tour to start.  They boys weren't tall enough to climb on the cow alone so Emma and her friend Elliot helped push them up.  

YEE HAW!! Ride 'em cowboy!

The kids had to have the traditional hats for the tour. 

The Friday after Thanksgiving we took of with some friends of ours and went to Galveston.  We met for a picnic at a beach front park. 

The pelicans here don't look like ones I've seen before.  They must be used to people because they were walking all over the park.

Inside this park they have a WWII submarine and destroyer that you can walk all around in.  The kids thought it was really cool.  I am amazed that men actually lived on there for months at a time!  It was tiny!  I think I'd get claustrophobic if I had to spend more than an hour or two down there.  
Daddy and Jules on top of the submarine.

The kids got to climb up to where the sailors would have slept.  Not the most comfortable beds as you can see. 

Yep, they're thrilled at having to pose for another picture. Can't you tell.

You could actually touch and play with the little buttons and dials that were on the sub.   I was surprised they hadn't roped it off but the kids thought it was great. 

One of the big guns of the destroyer. 

After the park we went on a boat to watch for dolphins.  Dolphins swim wild all throughout the bay and it was neat to see them in a natural setting and not in a tank. 

A different view of the sub and destroyer we toured earlier. 

Didn't go here on this trip but man, it looks fun!!

It was almost dark by the time we made it to the beach but the kids still wanted to put their swimming suits on and play in the water.  How kids can be oblivious to the cold is beyond me.  They sure had fun. 

These pictures are so pixelated because the camera was trying to make up for how dark it was.

Love this one though.  Sunset on the beach is always beautiful!!


Greg said...

Looks like fun! When you say "big guns," are you talking about the boat or Josh?

Mom and Dad Bean said...

You have the cutest family. Dad

Cailey said...

OH Alisha!!! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!!!! and that picture of the sunset, Jeff and i just love it, so beautiful!!!! Oh we miss you guys so much! and Issac looks sooo much older. Emma looks sooo much like you! I miss you all!